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Holistic Health CBD

Holistic Health CBD is a locally owned, upscale CBD boutique in Lubbock, Texas. Holistic Health offers high quality and family friendly cannabidiol products that boast radical benefits. The vision of Holistic Health is to lead the way in the CBD industry through radical transparency and only the highest quality products made from legally grown hemp. All of the products at Holistic Health are made from legally grown hemp and have benefits such as improved sleep quality, reduced inflammation, less stress and anxiety, and improved joint health, flexibility, and mobility. After two years of research and education, Holistic Health began to fulfill their goal of sharing transparent information and reliable, reputable hemp products with Lubbock and its surrounding communities....


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Big Bass Candy

Big Bass Candy is a bass bait and weight shop geared toward improving every fishing experience for everyone. Whether you are young or old, amateur or professional, or you go fishing a few times each summer or you are on the water every weekend in rain or shine, Big Bass Candy has something for all! While the actual bait is important and customers have many options, what sets Big Bass Candy apart is the careful design of each color. The bait and weights at Big Bass Candy are designed to throw colors that attract fish and therefore help you to catch more every time you fish. Customers can also choose whether their bait and weight have a fast or slow fall rate, which allows for more control of how fast your line sinks. With over fifty color options, Big Bass Candy has a simple goal: catch more fish....


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Jason Dear

Shopping for and finding a healthcare insurance policy that works for you can feel like a long, tedious process that has no clear answer. It is expensive, highly jargoned, and hard to understand exactly what you are getting with your plan. There are hundreds of options for you and your family, and estimating which plan is the best deal for your particular situation is difficult. However, without health insurance, a simple illness that warrants a trip to the doctor’s office or a broken bone can be a sky-high cost. When you are looking for a healthcare insurance policy that is going to fit your needs and your budget, you may find yourself looking for someone who knows the language and ins and outs of policies, such as copays, deductibles, covered services, premiums, and out-of-pocket limits. That is exactly what Jason Dear does...


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Mostly Pink Boutique

Every girl wants to wear a dress that is unique, authentic to her style, and beautiful for special occasions, and most know the feeling of showing up to a formal, the prom, or a wedding and seeing that someone else has on the same dress! Mostly Pink Boutique, an online gown and dress shop based out of Lubbock, Texas, ensures that this will not be a problem at the next fancy event you attend. The new, pre-owned, and vintage gowns and dresses at Mostly Pink Boutique are one of a kind. Many of them are hand dyed or are restored and hand-cleaned. With a gown from Mostly Pink Boutique, you will be sure to stun wherever you are, and your dress will be unique and perfect for you...


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Signature RV Designs

After 17 years of remodeling homes and businesses, Signature RV Designs owners Chuck and Melissa Harris were ready for a new adventure. From the time their three children were young, they loved to go camping, and now the grandparents of seven, it is a shared love throughout the family. Chuck and Melissa knew it was important to have a space to relax in at the end of long days outdoors when they were camping, but found that they were struggling to discover a camper that gave them what they were looking for. Each camper they looked at felt bland and boring, and the layout and functions never seemed right. The solution, they decided, was to create something that fit their needs....

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Lubbock Property Services

Lubbock Property Services started officially in December 2018 when owner James Russell started to take small fix-up jobs from his customers, but he has been serving the West Texas community since he and his wife Courtney settled down in Lubbock in 2012. From residential jobs such as redesigning a kitchen island and installing new flooring and baseboards to roofing; from painting and ductwork in your office building (James and Courtney also own AireServ of the South Plains) to an air filter subscription program, there is no corner left uncovered by Lubbock Property Services...

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Wrench It Forward

Wrench It Forward is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Lubbock, Texas, with a goal to move people out of poverty and homelessness by providing low-cost car repairs for households with limited means. It is very difficult to get anywhere without a car in West Texas, and simple tasks such as grocery shopping, getting to and from work or school, and going to appointments are often made impossible without a reliable mode of transportation. Wrench It Forward saw the pressing need for low-cost auto repairs in the South Plains and chose to meet the need. In just over a year of service, Wrench It Forward has seen over 100 repairs completed and has saved the community of Lubbock and its surrounding areas an estimated $21,000 through maintenance, repairs, diagnostics, and car parts. Wrench It Forward works for the safety of those on the roads and the benefit of our local community...

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Cloud Training Services

Cloud Training Services was founded in 1996 by Darla Cloud after seeing the need for hands-on classes to teach Microsoft software such as Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, and more. Darla has been teaching computer classes since 1989 and has earned the Microsoft Office Expert Certification. She also has experience as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Technical Trainer, and as a schoolteacher. Her time as a CPA and teacher combine to help make her an excellent trainer. Cloud Training Services specializes in onsite Microsoft Office training and has a mobile computer lab with 14 computers and a projector and screen...

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First United Methodist Church of Post

The First United Methodist Church of Post, Texas, is a place where members celebrate their faith, experience a loving and caring fellowship, and join together in Christ’s call to service. With a mission to offer Christ to the community of Post, love their neighbors, and serve the world around them, the overarching vision of First United Methodist Church of Post is to love God and love others. FUMC Post has many opportunities to engage and serve, from youth group to handbell choir to kitchen committees to Sunday School and children’s programs. Sunday School classes are held at 9:45 every Sunday morning followed by a worship service at 10:45, which involves a time of worship and a teaching from the Bible. Childcare is provided for little ones, and school-age children are encouraged to join in the service. First United Methodist Church of Post is committed to loving and serving God and others...

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Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center

Founded in 1949 in the Blanco Canyon outside Floydada, Texas, Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center exists to provide a place for attendees to escape from the busy day-to-day and enjoy rest, peace, and fun. Plains Baptist Camp & Retreat Center hosts conferences, retreats, and other gatherings as well as two summer camps: Explorers Pre-Teen Camp (grades 3-6) and Driven Youth Camp (grades 6-12)...

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Keyed Up Coaching

If you were told there was a way you could improve your sales numbers, grow your business, and enjoy yourself while doing so, would you jump in? That is exactly what Larry Viaille of Keyed Up Coaching chose to do! With nearly 50 years of experience owning and operating his own business, Lubbock Lock and Key, Larry not only has practical knowledge and application, he also is a certified coach with WhizBang Retail Training. While seeking out a business education that was reasonable to do while continuing to run his business, he found WhizBang Retail...

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Gary's Piano Service

Though Gary’s Piano Service has only been official for about 20 years, owner Gary Dennis has been tuning and servicing pianos for longer. The company started in Paris, Texas, when Gary started tuning pianos after his job as a school teacher. While he has been a minister, child counselor, and school teacher, Gary has continually returned to music. Specifically, Gary started his piano service to do what he loved and what had fascinated him tremendously for years. He has been tuning pianos since then.

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The Boot Helper

The Boot Helper is a tool made to ensure that its user no longer has to struggle with the oftentimes tedious and sometimes painful process of putting on boots. For all who struggle to bend down or reach to pull on their boots, whether due to injury, stiffness, balance, soreness, or any other reason, the Boot Helper eliminates the need to fight to get your boots on. There is no need to work harder than you should have to just to put on your shoes, and the Boot Helper is designed with this in mind.

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Mustang Homes

Located in Lubbock, Texas, and serving the South Plains for more than fifty years, Mustang Homes and Land offers manufactured and modular homes from less than 400 to over 3000 square feet as well as plots of land. Mustang Homes and Land extends high-quality products alongside high-quality service, which has allowed for longevity and consistency in their operation. The knowledgeable and capable staff has been employed by Mustang Homes and Land for 16 years, and the company has been under the same management personnel since 1969.

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Plainview EDC

The Plainview-Hale County Economic Development Corporation exists to assist those living and working in or moving to the Plainview-Hale County area. Plainview is located less than an hour from Lubbock and just over an hour from Amarillo and is known for its low taxes, inexpensive cost of living, and growing business climate. The Plainview-Hale County Economic Development Corporation serves to inform and assist those who are considering moving to the area to grow or start their own business in an industry that is thriving.

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Power Wash Pros

Power Wash Pros in Lubbock, Texas, is a commercial and residential power washing company. With over five years of experience, the team at Power Wash Pros takes pride in prioritizing affordable and effective power washing for your business, home, apartment building, and more. They know how the West Texas wind blows and leaves buildups of dust, dirt, and debris in parking lots, fencing, siding, and any other structure it can cling to.

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Lubbock Day Care

We recently had the opportunity to work with a branch of daycares in Lubbock to redo their entire website. These Christian preschool centers include Creative Learning Center, Kids Are Cool Center, Learning Tree, and Wee Care. All four of these are Early Education Christian Schools (EECS), which are licensed by the State of Texas as a childcare center, begin caring for and teaching children as early as six weeks of age, provide an afterschool program, use an accredited and accelerated Christian curriculum, and maintain Green Guard standards while cleaning.

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Children's Hope

Children’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with corporate offices located in Lubbock, Texas. They have a vision of seeing every child have a permanent living situation that they can call home. In order to do this, it is imperative that the child-adult relationship is healed and rebuilt, and Children’s Hope serves as a critical piece in this process.

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BOOM, or Business Operating on Mission, was founded by Keith Toogood and Steve Hoggard on the idea that God wants to move in and through business leaders in Lubbock, Texas. Keith and Steve believe that, as Christians in business, God has not only specifically placed and called them to impact the world with the gospel, but He has also placed and called other Christian business leaders to do the same.

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Macalaster House

Macalester House in Lubbock, Texas, is a new wedding and event venue located a short distance from the heart of downtown Lubbock and Texas Tech University. Set apart from the hustle and noise of town, Macalester House was built on eight acres and boasts over 11,000 square feet of space. There is no shortage of amenities, either: the venue offers well-appointed ready rooms for the bride, groom, and wedding party, rectangular tables, round tables, ample parking, catering kitchen, and a quality sound system. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to say “I do” or need a space big enough to host a gala for your business, Macalester House has all you could need.

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HCI Drilling

We recently redesigned a website for our clients at HCI Drilling. As safety standards, training methods, and technology have evolved following the drilling and pump service company’s inception in 1992, owner Kenny Cooper knew that the company’s website should also grow and evolve to keep up with the times.

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SPECS Refrigeration

SPECS Refrigeration in Lubbock, Texas, is a company you can count on for all of your commercial refrigeration needs. From walk in refrigeration to energy control and building management systems to ice machines, Pete and his team at SPECS Refrigeration are trained and certified to work on several different major brands including Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, and Follett. Founded in 1991, SPECS has decades of service under their belt regarding the installation, service, and maintenance of commercial ice machines, walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in refrigeration, ultra low temperature equipment, HVAC, and energy management and building control systems.

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Llano Estacado Cattle Company

From the finest steaks to custom bacons, Llano Estacado Cattle Company is your source for the best meat in Lubbock. Their artisan butchers provide the highest quality steaks as well as novelty cuts you will not find anywhere else. Llano Estacado Cattle Co. came to us looking for a website for their newly started Butcher Shop here in town. With pages about different Meats, Recipes, How to’s, Cooking Tips and a Music Player to help you groove and dance while checking out their website.

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Larcon Electric

“Our mission is to achieve success through basic essential values, focusing on the electrical needs of our customers, and servicing those needs to exceed the customer’s expectations.” Is just a small excerpt of what this company offers. We were referred to for Larcon wanting a redesign on their website. We scrapped the old Joomla build and used trusty ole WordPress, because it’s got better security features, tools and overall an easier Template to use for web design. With a behind-the-scenes Employee Login for their jobs, and tons of Photos of the projects they’ve worked on.

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Tillery Remodeling

Craig Tillery has been bringing dream kitchen and bathrooms to life with innovative remodeling for 30 years! From initial designs and planning to the final product Tillery works together with you guiding your ideas each step of the way. 7 years ago we created Tillery’s first website and now we’ve done a Redesign for their website. With lots of images of their work and pages to focus on Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling. Give their new Redesigned website a visit!

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The Tarp House

The Tarp House is a Tarp company here in Lubbock, TX that has Trailer Tarps, Specialty Tarps, Electric Tarps and even Tarp Parts. One might say They’ve got you Covered (pun intended). The Tarp House came to us to design their website and with minimal information about the company, our very own Triston Ramos worked single-handed on this website! I think he did a great job, what do you think?

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Jim Parrish Consulting

Jim has worked in healthcare his entire career,during his life he has worked in, or managed every hospital department. For over 20 years, Jim has lead some of the most successful teams in the healthcare industry. Jim came to us to make his new website to give him an online presence for his business. With it being like an online brochure, it’s easy to navigate and learn about what Jim Parrish has done and is continuing to do today.

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Caprock Behavioral

With over 85 years combined experience working with children with special needs. Their knowledge provides the highest quality ABA services available in Lubbock and the South Plains. As the only therapy clinic between Dallas and Albuquerque, their services are unmatched in care and quality. We have made Caprock’s past 3 websites, making this our 4th redesign for them. With a special Job Application Tool we designed in the Careers tab, this redesign works well for their business needs.

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Jeremy Howe Art

Since 2000, Jeremy Howe’s art of choice has been fireworks. In this high-energy genre, Jeremy has pioneered and fine-tuned various techniques in capturing colored smoke and oxidation trails onto paper. He is a self-taught artist. Jeremy came to us looking for a website where his customers could buy his artwork. We added a payment tool to make this possible for anyone who wants to buy his art. Our very own Triston, a Web Designer also in charge of our SEO Management, worked on this project by himself for the most part. I think he did a great job, go and see the website for yourself!

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Frontline Refrigeration

Frontline Refrigeration Service of Waco, TX offers commercial and residential Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating installation and repair. They offer fixes of any make or model of equipment with professional service. They came to us looking for a website that will get the attention of people who come to the site. The website has an online brochure with mobile-friendly access.

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Vom Fenco Drahthaars

Vom Fenco is a Deutsch Drahthaar dog breeding and training company from Mt. Pleasant, TX. They have bred Drahthaars year-round for the past 12 years. Vom Fenco came to us to design their website, we made it easy to find which Breeds and Family Trees the dogs are from, alongside pages for Started Dogs and Training.

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Symmetry Turf

Symmetry Turf is a Sports Construction company with projects including Stadium Construction, Synthetic & Natural Sports Fields, Tennis Courts, and Running Tracks. Symmetry asked us to design their website showcasing their wide range of projects. We designed a Mapping Tool highlighting the work they have done through the United States.

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Pecan Ridge

Pecan Ridge is “the very best pecan shelling business in West Texas”. Their products and services range from Pecan Shelling, Candied Pecans, Pecan Jellies, Sauces, Toppings, Pecan Coffee, Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets. Pecan Ridge came to us needing to build a brand new website with a major emphasis on the e-commerce side. They wanted more sales, more products, and an easier to use website and we did that with an easy-to-use Cart/Checkout system for purchasing their items. It’s a website you’ll go Nuts for!

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Budget Floors Inc.

Budget Floors has been a flooring company for over 17 years that covers a wide variety of flooring services based in the Amarillo, TX area. They hired us to build a great looking website with an online catalog to help get their business more online attention leading to more calls and sales.

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Pro Star Diesel Performance

Pro Star Diesel Performance specializes in Driving, Fixing and Tearing apart Diesel Pickups from the rough oil-field roads. Their site shows the performance of diesel trucks going into dirt and uncharted roads to get to the work site, with Ecommerces for diesel parts and accessories.

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AMA Tech Tel

AMA Tech Tel provides Phone, Internet, and I.T. Services to homes or businesses throughout Texas. The goal of their website is to connect and convert customers to the variety or services offered by AMA Tech Tel. This website is a fully mobile responsive build with heavy integration to the markets served throughout the state of Texas.

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Redline Hotshot

Redline Hotshot offers innovated transportation services predominantly to the oil field. Their website is a combination of public information for potential customers seeking their services and internal functions allowing company communications to happen more easily.

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SPCAA is a collection of non-profit organizations that impact every level of our communities. Their reach covered every demographic and stretches across the state. Their website is a central hub of information and resources to support all of the charitable work they do. With dozens of sections and administrators, this website is a complex organism.

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Lubbock FSBO

Lubbock For Sale By Owner is a long-standing service allowing home owners to market and sell their homes. We developed a new platform to take this service to the next level.

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Impact Collision Centers

Impact Collision Centers is a large operation with body shops spread across Texas and New Mexico. This website is one of several in a network that advertises all of their locations. This main website is geared to highlight all of their varied locations and services linking to each local shop.

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Highland Baptist Church

Highland Baptist Church has occupied a prime location in the heart of Lubbock for decades. Their new website shows off their history and future with an emphasis on engaging the Lubbock community.

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Overhead Door Abilene

Overhead Door of Abilene covers a vast area of the heart of Texas with garage door and gate services. This website is a large Online catalog showing all of the variations of door styles, operators, and services to keep your doors and gates working well.

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Tech Terrace Real Estate

Tech Terrance Real Estate serves a very unique market with rental management and sales for the area around Texas Tech University. They needed a new listing tool that was closed to allow only their own listings and information they needed to share. We built just such a tool and integrated it into their existing website.

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Oasis Professional Plaza

Oasis Professional Plaza is a one-of-a-kind office environment in Lubbock. They offer monthly, daily, and even hourly rental of offices and conference spaces. The facilities are immaculate and give a growing business a significant amount of leverage to get things done.

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